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Ciutats capitals medievals / 80/81



Ciutats capitals medievals / 80/81

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XXX:80/81 (2015), 384 pp.


«Medieval capital cities»: Antoni Furió: Medieval capital cities. Introduction / Mathieu Arnoux: Paris and the kings of France. Capital city and monarchical construction (11th-15th centuries) / Amedeo Feniello: Between the land and the market. The foundational structures of the capital of Naples (10th-13th centuries) / Antoni Riera Melis: Barcelona, 985-1317. The construction of an emporium and of a capital in Western Mediterranean / Carlos Laliena Corbera: Zaragoza, the medieval capital of the kingdom of Aragon / María Asenjo-González: About the emerging capitality of Valladolid / Antonio Collantes de Terán Sánchez: Seville, gift of the Guadalquivir / Antoni Furió: Valencia, «mother and head of all the kingdom» / Michael Limberger: Antwerp. The origins of a commercial and financial metropolis in the 15th-16th centuries / Miscellany  / Josep Capdeferro i Pla: The immaculate Collegium of Medecine of Barcelona at the Early Modern Age / Josep Cerdà i Ballester: The way to arm a knight in the Order of Montesa. From Guillaume Durand’s Pontifical to the rules of Calatrava (16th-19th centuries) / Laura Valls Plana: The mammoth of the Ciutadella in Barcelona (1907). Biography of an urban object / Montserrat Corretger: The literature of the Renaixença in the literary criticism of the 20s and 30s (1922-1939) and in the exile / Francesca-Maria Llabrés Bestard: The Illes news show of Ràdio Popular (1979-1989). First contribution to the creation of a Balearic communicational space / Postscriptum/ Daniel Álvarez Gómez: The Templar Guillem de Cardona and the Casa del Raïm in Lavit / Pere Bescós Prat: Use and abuse of the concepts veritas, brevitas and arbitratus. Leonardo Bruni and the historiographical rivalry in the 15th century in Italy / Vicenç M. Rosselló i Verger: The Valencian mills, from a Tomàs Peris’ book / Book reviews / Josep Puigsech i Farràs, Jaume Camps Girona / Abstracts/ Received books / Publishing manuscript conditions / Cover ilustration: Manuel Baixauli.


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Ciutats capitals medievals / 80/81

Ciutats capitals medievals / 80/81

Ciutats capitals medievals / 80/81