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An emerging historiography

Josep Capdeferro i Ricard Torra: An emerging historiography / Pere Ripoll Sastre: Processes of emancipation of the states in the medieval Europe: the other Generalitats / Sarah Maugin: The «restoration» of the Jewish community of Perpignan after 1391 / Pol Bridgewater Mateu: Municipal Government, care policy and hospital reform: the Consell de Cent and the hospital landscape of late medieval Barcelona / Arantxa Llàcer Martorell: A king for the people? The monarchy of the Habsburgs in the mirror of particular memoires / Miguel Gabriel Garí Pallicer: From the workshop to the Court: the political action of Mallorquin artisans (1615-1700) / Miquel Fuertes Broseta: Political negotiation in the Crown of Aragon.The Erill Parliament and the creation of the Sardinian galley squad (1620-1624) / David Ferré Gispets: Militarization, Collaboration and Contractor State. The business of war in the Catalonia of Philip V (1715-1746) / Miscellany /Enric Guinot Rodríguez: Farmhouses, stadiums and a town. A correction to the changes in the medieval population in Vila-real (Castelló de la Plana) following the feudal conquest of the 13th century /Joan Iborra: «I secreti di natura». Female body embellishment in the 16th century / Albert Mestres: The publishing process in a Barcelona printing house during the first half of the 19th century: the Rubió case / Daniel Vargas Vargas: Jordi Pujol i Soley, social scientist of the 20th century / Carles Viñas: Between red and black. Agitation, political violence and autonomous movement at the end of Francoism. The Armed Struggle Organisation [Organització de Lluita Armada] (1971-1974) / Paula Nigorra Vaquer: The role of Sóller migrants in Puerto Rico’s coffee industry: before and after the Spanish-American war / Aurelio Martí Bataller i Isabel Benavent Montoro: Local scope: Nation, class and gender through Bocairent’s working class movement (c. 1914-1936) / Gerard Horta: The historiographic approaches (1897-2021) to Marie Andrieu (1851-1911), medium, healer and Occitan anarchospiritist and feminist writer / Postscriptum / Manuel Lladonosa i Vall-Llebrera i Marc Macià Farré: The Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs: culture and politics during the autonomy (1986-2000) / Books Reviews / Ernest Belenguer, Antònia Carré, Santiago Izquierdo Ballester, Hèctor López Bofill, Pere Solà i Gussinyer / Cultural Reviews / José María Lozano Jiménez / Abstracts/ Received books / Publishing manuscript conditions


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Una historiografia emergent / 99

Una historiografia emergent / 99