The first step is to become a client account:

Tighten here. This brings up a page where, as a guest you will be asked to process data from their purchases. Incloga the information it requested in each box.

Note: remember the email address and the password you choose. Will be requested to enter their account in subsequent cases

From here, shopping is easy:

1.  Select the product you wish to purchase.

2.  Once selected, click on the button "ADD TO CART." To make it open a new page where you indicate the characteristics of the order made.

3. From here, you can continue shopping or "Proceed to Checkout".

4. If the command has decided to open a page where you can choose the delivery address and the shipping. Once selected, click "Proceed to Checkout".

5.  Here you can see a summary of the different forms of payment. Choose the payment method you want and confirmed it.

6. The order will be sent when receiving payment. Remember that shipments certificates should contact in writing