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Biografies Parcials (4) Impuls



196 pp (2018). Biografies Parcials (4) Impuls

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Xavier Serra (1967) is a philosophy PhD. He has written several essays and a series of biographies about characters that have had an impact on the valencian country's culture of the last decades. He has published the following books: The talking shop of Joan Fuster (La tertúlia de Joan Fuster), Caption (A peu de foto) -with the photographs of Francesc Vera, Social history of the catalan philosophy (Història social de la filosofia catalana), Philosophy in the catalan culture (La filosofia en la cultura catalana), Partial biographies. The 70’s in the País Valencià (1) (Biografies parcials. Els 70 al País Valencià), Partial biographies. Born before the war (2) (Biografies parcials. Nascuts abans de la guerra), Partial biographies. Critical era (3) (Biografies Parcials. L'època crítica), and finally Partial biographies. Impetus (4) (Biografies parcial. Impuls)


Partial biographies narrates a series of life pathways. It also offers, in a certain way, a vision of the history of the País Valencià in the last decades of the 20th century and the first ones of the 21st century. This new book brings together the biographies of the actress Pepa López, the literature professor Dominic Keown, the editor Vicent Olmos, the archaeologist Ferran Arasa, the soprano Enedina Lloris and the journalist Vicent Partal.


All the characters of this book were born between 1951 and 1960. Their biographical ups and downs, thus, “have been confined by facts themselves: the end of the General Franco's military dictatorship, the tricks of the so called Transition, the neoliberalism boom, the recovery of the self-government, the fall of the Berlin Wall…”


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Biografies Parcials (4) Impuls

Biografies Parcials (4) Impuls

196 pp (2018). Biografies Parcials (4) Impuls