Fosses comunes: un passat no oblidat



Fosses comunes: un passat no oblidat

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2010, 65 pp. + DVD

“Prat de Lluçanès” and “Grub” are, from the time being, the two mass graves that have been exhumed in Catalonia. Both of them belong to republican soldiers -because in Catalonia mass graves are basically of soldiers- a matter that makes the exhumations and identifications of the ones that have been buried a very difficult task. Because of this, most of those graves will be signalled, dignified and preserved. It is from these coordinates that the exhibition and the catalogue "Mass graves: a past that has not been forgotten"  has been prepared. When war started, death was very present. Graves initially appeared for the repression that was triggered in the rear of the Republic. As the front approached, they grew in number due to battles or due to death in military hospitals. They were concentrated in the four Catalan capitals, where those that the new Franco regime decided that had to die were buried. When the war finished, these burials were forgotten by the ones who won. They were also ignored, without giving any type of option to those who were trying to search and find the bodies of their relatives and their loved ones.


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Fosses comunes: un passat no oblidat

Fosses comunes: un passat no oblidat

Fosses comunes: un passat no oblidat