Identitats. Convivència o conflicte?



Identitats. Convivència o conflicte?

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2006. Próleg de Ferran Suay i Lerma, 130 pp.

Psychology, among other disciplines such as sociology, sociolinguistics, anthropology, philosophy, social history, etc. offers a theoretical framework where formus can be opened, and identity problems as well as different kinds of globalization in current societies can be discussed, especially from the point of view of minorities. The scope of individual rights and collective rights can be nuanced as well. To develop some considerations about the contemporary function of the State (States) as a hegemonic social focus in the creation and destruction of values,  to show the repercussions of this activity on aspects of the identity dimension, or to trace the guidelines to increase an own collective self-esteem; these are the main objectives of a series of conferences on psychology and national identity that have been held since 1999. Some of the papers can be read in the Yearbook of the Baix Cinca Institute of Studies (2000) (Anuari de l’Institut d’Estudis del Baix Cinca) or in the books Self-Esteem and Catalan Countries (2002) (Autoestima i Països Catalans) and The awakening of the Catalan Countries (2004) (El despertar dels Països Catalans). This book is made up of the contributions of the participants in the psychology and national identity workshops that took place at the International University of Gandia in 2005.



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Identitats. Convivència o conflicte?

Identitats. Convivència o conflicte?

Identitats. Convivència o conflicte?