Francesc Pujols, filòsof



Francesc Pujols, filòsof

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2014, 82 pp.

Any worthy philosophical translation is homogeneous nor unidirectional. Catalan culture from the beginning of the first third of the 20th century was a plethoric exponent in the market of Calaf which characterises the human life and one of the most remarkable protagonists was Francesc Pujols. He was an enthusiastic of Wagner’s music and big defender of Gaudí’s work, generous Tertullian, art critic, disconcerting philosopher, dramatic author, poet, comedian and even creator of a religion. With his own writing style and of thought, Pujols built firm works and full of enthusiasm which worked as an indispensable counterweight to the doctrine of Eugeni d’Ors, on one hand, and on the other, to the philosophy present in universities back then. His fascinating literary style and his aesthetic ideas were decisive in the formation and the works of Josep M. Segarra, Josep Pla and Salvador Dalí.


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Francesc Pujols, filòsof

Francesc Pujols, filòsof

Francesc Pujols, filòsof