L'Editorial Afers The cultural and editorial project of the publishing house Afers was born in Catarroja (País Valencià) in 1983 with the objective of stimulating the intellectual life of the Catalan-speaking countries. With our periodic journals: Afers. Fulls de recerca i pensamentMirmanda. Revista de cultura,and book collections: Recerca i pensamentEls llibres del contemporaniPersonatgesEl món de les nacionsBiografies parcialsTextos clàssicsEls papers del Pavelló de la RepúblicaEstudis localsMirmandaActes i congressosLiteraturesCatàlegs d'ArtJosep Bernat i Baldoví, etc., we try to supply material of analysis likely to develop the most coherently progressive and democratic positions. To this objective we add the consideration of Catalan language as a vehicle of cultural trasmission. Afers wants to contribute to the universal thinking and research and year after year the people behind this project have become aware that our objective is to behave not as mere culture dealers but strongly support the trend that, as Gramsci would suggest, aims at organizing a new hegemony based on knowledge and analysis.