La nació quebequesa. Futur i passat



La nació quebequesa. Futur i passat

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2004, 204 pp.

The author suggests considering the Quebecer society not only inside it historical relations with France, as heir and dependant from this European culture, but also as – and possibly to a greater extent – as a new collective, considering that it has its own history from an experience of four hundred years on American soil that has formed a different and original culture. It would, then, consist on minimise its relationship with the mother land (France), giving more importance to the continental proximities and relating the trajectory of Quebec with the ones from other collectives of the New World. To a vision too exclusively vertical, one from the side should be added. Glancing through the pages, it can be seen that they are filled with the worries of bringing to the light the thought about Quebec and provide it fundamentally of an important comparative dimension. The reader will also soon discover that the problems addressed acquire a universal character: the clash of the ethnicities and the search for new ways of coexistence are nowadays in every democratic societies’ agenda. All in all, beyond these considerations, the Catalan readers, who also belong to a minor culture and are used to the misfortunes attached to these conditions, may recognise themselves close, if not related to the Quebecers, to these American Catalans.


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La nació quebequesa. Futur i passat

La nació quebequesa. Futur i passat

La nació quebequesa. Futur i passat