La desintegració de Iugoslàvia



La desintegració de Iugoslàvia

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2000, 212 pp.

The spectrum of violence that carried the disintegration of Yugoslavia can only be explained if we correctly consider the external as well as the internal factors. The more combined, integrated and indistinguishable were the populations which there had to ‘separate’, the more systematic, unceasing and cynical was the result of coaction. This shows the motive for which the highest levels of ‘interracial’ levels took place at Bosnia. Occident reacted according to the hypothesis of similitude/difference: when the firsts bombs fell on Slovene land, the indifferent international leaders and the public opinion ignorant of the facts, deviated the interest away from the facts or just looked at the following tragedies with indifference. When the ethnic clearing was underway in Croatia, some countries, specially Germany, started, with delay, to pressure Belgrade to stop the chaos. The treaties in Dayton, preceded by the firsts ‘demonstratives’ aerial attacks against Serbian restricted objectives, were only achieved by the pressure from the USA even after the constant opposition of the UK and France. Finally, when the first images of the refugees with handkerchief on their heads hit the media, a new humanitarian commotion was added to eight years of suffering. If Yugoslavia had conceded so many rights to its republics and provinces, why was the federation disintegrated? Weren’t the constituent’s towns calmed and pleased with the rights they obtained or that had been given to them?


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La desintegració de Iugoslàvia

La desintegració de Iugoslàvia

La desintegració de Iugoslàvia